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Holistic help and calming clarity


T A R O T  R E A D I N G S

The tarot cards bring up images that pull thoughts and feelings from the subconscious to the forefront. They help us to share together through story-telling, to find the answers that are locked away. The use of imagery helps to spark conversation and intuition, guiding us towards clarity and self-awareness through a type of self-therapy.

I have been offering professional tarot readings for 3 years now, using the images of the cards to find answers, clarity and guidance. A reading gives you the benefits of an in-depth exploration of your challenges, ideas and problems plus insights from the cards and intuitive interpretation.

I am not a fortune teller. I believe that you can find new pathways to create the best future possible, and the tarot can help guide you. 

My four card and twelve card readings are collaborative. That means you are also playing the part of the storyteller, dissecting the images on the tarot to unlock the part of your subconscious that isn't letting you move forwards with ease.

Looking for a change in direction? Fed up with the same old story? Feeling unfulfilled, stuck, lost, confused or in need of some serious motivation? Tarot offers you support and guidance. It’s perfect when you want to change or develop some aspect of your life. 

Drop me an email if you would like to book! Readings take place ideally on weekdays between 9am-1pm, with some flexibility and exceptions. Looking forward to connecting with you :)


I cannot tell you when something will happen, but the cards can help you to decide how to get there.


Email me to book. Readings on zoom or in central Brighton. Location will be sent via email after payment.

Full reading - £40

This deep and holistic reading lasts around 40 minutes. I use 3 decks and 12 cards in a reading I have designed and you won't find anywhere else! I start with an 8 card reading which helps me get to know you, then we do a 'shared intuition' 3 card reading, followed by an Animal Spirit Card for guidance at the end. This reading helps you to find clarity or confirmation, and opens up your sub-conscious to receive new information.

4 card reading - £20

This 4 card reading helps you to make the best of your situation and forward plan to create a positive future for yourself. We look at your current situation, the actions you can take to change it or enhance it, and then the possible outcome. This reading lasts about 15 minutes.


Year ahead reading - £40

14 cards make up this clock shaped reading, with each card representing a month of the year. 2 more cards represent your whole year, one based on your birthday and the other an 'archetype' card for added guidance. This reading takes around 30+ minutes. A great way to use this reading is to journal on each card at the start of the month for self discovery.

Email me to book

Keep an eye on my Instagram for discounts!


Sometimes I have a tarot course running, check out my ticket page to see if there is one coming up! These classes are for all experience levels, going in to the depths of the cards in detail, comparing imagery from many different decks and using our intuition to read the cards. We also share spreads and readings for one another.





"At the end of 2020, Kira did a 'Year Ahead Spread' for me which laid out a card for each month, as well as an overall theme and some guiding directions. She showed me how I could use the monthly cards as journal prompts, and suggested some questions and themes that might be relevant to me throughout the year. I can honestly say it's been an incredible tool to give me structure and reflection throughout 2021. So many of the cards struck a chord, reflected significant life changes, or reminded me to keep focus where the lockdowns and pandemic had started to grey out the colour from my months. Hugely recommended!"

"Just finished a tarot reading with Kira and I absolutely loved it! The session was very empowering and it gave me the clarity and guidance I needed! Kira is very lovely as well and the session was based on us having a conversation (not just one of us speaking the whole time), therefore I was given the space to speak about how everything feels and how I see things as well!! Also - Kira described my situation very accurately without knowing me well, therefore the intuition & skill is really there!! :) definitely would recommend!!"


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