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Hi! My name is Kira and I am a positive psychology coach and group wellbeing facilitator. I love dogs, vegetarian cooking, snowboarding, sunshine, wild swimming, dinner parties, sauna, Malawi, tattoos, coffee, soul connections and dancing (amongst a million other things). I'm a cis-queer woman whose pronouns are she/her.

I set up Moon and Mind in January 2020, which above anything is a space for connection. To feel connected to yourself, to others, and for some, to nature or spirituality. It started in London (where I'm from) then I moved to Brighton shortly after.

My background is in performance and immersive and outdoor events, graduating from a degree in Street Arts in 2012 and progressing on to working at many festivals and well-being events in the UK since then.

I have also worked with children for most of my adult life, nannying, teaching dance and art, and helping at forest schools.

I have always been passionate about connecting people and advocating authenticity, slow and seasonal living, nature loving and self love!

Moon and mind started after working with the moon for a few years and using it to keep on top of my mental health and to create a loose and achievable routine for myself. I started sharing this with friends and the moon circles were born!

My tarot experience was the same, a few years of dabbling and learning, sharing and receiving feedback until I was at a level to offer a service that was well practiced and I knew would have a positive impact on people's lives.


Moon and Mind has grown into a space that also includes retreats, workshops, group programs and coaching.

My experience and training includes:


  • Masters in Applied positive psychology and coaching psychology

  • Bachelors in Street Arts and outdoor events management

  • Professional training in the Applied use of Mindfulness for 7-18 year olds

  • Jungian archetypes - short course

  • Tarot skills with Jessica Dore

  • ​Caring for a child in their own home - short course

  • TEFL

  • First aid, DBS and Insurance

My top strengths (as of April 24'):

  1. Gratitude

  2. Humour and playfulness

  3. Forgiveness and Mercy

  4. Social Intelligence

  5. Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty

I am a trained wellbeing coach and excited to grow my 1:1 offerings. Everything I offer is a shared experience for myself to learn as much as to teach. We are all equal and all come away with something.

I am just a facilitator and guide on your journey of self discovery!
I look forward to meeting you :)


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