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Bloom and Balance

Find flow, self-discovery and enhance your wellbeing through a 6-week community online program


"The difference in how I feel since we started is night and day! Kira helped me to focus on my true values, passions and strengths at a time when I was feeling really lost and unmotivated. Now I have made some really positive decisions and steps towards a life that makes me happy, excited and calm. I highly recommend working with Kira, it's been a really positive journey and she makes you feel so comfortable all the way through!" 

Join us every Monday for a 6 week journey starting in Autumn 2024. The sessions will include tools and knowledge from positive psychology, coaching psychology, mindfulness, spirituality and nature, guiding you to find more balance in all areas of your life and move forwards with clarity and authenticity. Each session will be collaborative with shared group conversations, private coaching as well as deep discussions with your fellow discoverers.


"I was consistently met with a heart-warming energy and an intuitive flow was established that enabled me to go deeper beneath the surface level organisational hurdles, to more profound realisations". 

Included in the package:

   • 6 x two-hour group online sessions on a Monday (7-9pm)

  • 1 x one-hour closing session 6 weeks later

   • 1 x one-hour private coaching call (to take place anytime within the 6 week journey)
   • Recorded guided meditations
   • An online community space to share and stay in touch during and after the course
   • At home tasks and journal prompts
   • Tools and knowledge to carry with you after the course and use again and again
   • 14+ hours of content 



£216 (if attending 'Science of happiness' webinar - click here)
Super earlybird price: £230

Earlybird price: £290

Full price: £360

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"I found our sessions ranged from energetic, to very calming, motivational and inspiring. Kira has a supportive energy and furthermore an incredible ability to spark joy. As a neuro-diverse individual, i struggle with maintaining motivation (after projects loose their initial shiny-ness) and the sessions certainly helped with this, along with a change in perspective which felt more realistic about my goals"

The group sessions:

Session 1 - BALANCE
Get to know your community with an opening circle, sharing our journeys and why we have arrived to this space. Checking in with where we are at within our wellbeing, we will discuss themes of balance, yin and yang, and potential areas to focus our goals and intentions over the coming weeks, sorting through our individual priorities.

Session 2 - FIRE
This session will be all about strengths, one of the main focusses within positive psychology. Using a scientifically validated survey, each person will discover their top five strengths, discussing how these can be utilised within each area of our lives, setting ourselves a strengths-based challenge for the upcoming week.

Session 3 - EARTH
This session is all about grounding through mindfulness and spiritual practices. Learn tools and skills to use when overwhelm, fear or self-sabotage takes over, including guided breathwork. 

Session 4 - WATER
What are your core values? This session helps us to figure that out with a heart-lead week of discovery, flow and exploration.

Session 5 - AIR
After four weeks of self-discovery it's time to use the skills learned to focus on the future by setting actionable and realistic goals. This session is all about the mind and communication, with the majority of the session split into pairs to coach each other one-on-one to whittle down some next steps, as well as a 'best possible self' exercise. 

Session 6 - SOUL
We close off the journey with a ceremony, reflecting on how far we have come, checking back in with our wellbeing after 6-weeks, and sharing our next steps for accountability and community support. 


Session 7

Just a quick check-in with a shorter one-hour session, seeing where we are at with acceptance and achievement, and which tools and memories from the course come up again and again in our daily lives.

"Kira's level of insight and creative approaches coupled with her very apparent skills from her background in positive psychology, kindled creative responses in me. I had a really positive experience and found it a hugely beneficial process, throughout which, the changes, have positively contributed to the way I view my life. Highly recommend!"

Your host:

This course is run by Kira, a professional wellbeing coach, positive psychology practitioner and wellness event facilitator with 15+ years experience of coordinating and hosting events and groups, and most recently a masters in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. Kira is passionate about authenticity, equality, community, and nature, with a balanced approach of easy-going optimism, passion, experience, knowledge, and quite often, silliness.


My top strengths (as of April 24'):

1 Gratitude
2 Humour and playfulness
3 Forgiveness and Mercy
4 Social Intelligence
5 Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty

My top values (as of October '22):

1 Life style, Standard of living
2 Communication
3 Closeness, Intimacy, Togetherness
4 Sensitivity, Awareness, Sympathy, Understanding, Compassion
5 Fun, Pleasure, Enjoyment

Find out yours in this course!

If you have more questions, drop me a message or watch this video on Instagram.


Full review from Laura:

"I began Kira's Bloom and Balance course 6 weeks ago. I have been attending her moon circles monthly since January and really connected and enjoyed each of these sessions. Over the summer, I felt like I wasn't in a great place with my mental health and had lost my 'zest' for life. I tried to put wellbeing and self care at the forefront of my mind but struggled to make progress alone. When I saw Kira's positive psychology course explained on the Moon and Mind socials, I was eager to attend. I was worried about spending the money but realised that it was a small price to pay for better mental health and I was not disappointed. Through weekly online meetings, Kira lead each session, creating a comfortable, safe space to share with others. Each session had a theme based around the elements that I found extremely interesting and was able to connect with. We also focussed on our strengths and values which we were able to delve deeper into and unpick together. There were also breathing techniques shared along with guided meditations and visualisations that were always strategically placed within the sessions. One that has stuck with me was a visualisation technique used in the first session. We revisited it in the final session and on both occasions it made me very emotional, in a good way! I now use many of the breathing techniques and visualisations shared in these sessions daily. My aim for attending this course was to flourish and flow. I wanted to begin to connect back to my authentic self and to be able to lead a joyous, happy, abundant life. Receiving a 1:1 coaching session with Kira towards the end of the course enabled me to use the sessions to really identify the areas I needed to focus on in my life to achieve my aim. Together, we developed a list of small steps and achievable goals to work on over the next 6 weeks, when we will meet back as a group to discuss. I can not wait to begin working on these! For me, being able to connect as a group has been hugely beneficial. I have enjoyed listening and being listened to. I am so looking forward to meeting up with everyone to hear about their progress and to share mine. I thoroughly recommend any course Kira has to offer (I wish I could attend them all!)"

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