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Inclusive, holistic well-being sessions
for personal growth, increased confidence, authentic connections and a positive mindset.

Discover your true self with our unique blend of positive psychology, spirituality, and nature-based offerings, with 1:1 life coaching and tarot, as well as retreats, circles, workshops and group programs.


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Moon and Mind's ethos -


Humans crave compassionate community, a church with prayer but no priest - soul connections through mindful understanding and aural openness. Moon and Mind creates this space of equality and equity, yet gives room for diversity, individuality and most importantly, authenticity.

All are welcome to this space, to check in with your mind, body, heart and intuition, to open new doorways for self-discovery, self-empowerment and story-telling. 




I absolutely love and recommend this place. I have been having a hard time with therapy and psycho-spiritual tarot reading really brought some clarity in my mind. The moon circles are also life changing. I always bring home something good. There is so much joy in sharing with others and listening. If you are looking for a safe space, moon and mind is the one. Kira is absolutely amazing too.


Kira is a fantastic coach. She made me feel like I could tell everything without being judged. This safe space has contributed significantly to my numerous insights and 'aha' moments from our coaching conversations. Kira is one of the warmest and most supportive people I know. If you are looking for an effective coach, you have come to the right place.


I have just had my last 1:1 coaching with Kira and the difference in how I feel since we started is night and day! Kira helped me to focus on my true values, passions and strenghts at a time when I was feeling really lost and unmotivated. Now I have made some really positive decisions and steps towards a life that makes me happy, excited and calm. I highly recommend working with Kira, it's been a really positive journey and she makes you feel so comfortable all the way through!


I had never had a Tarot reading before, and had no idea what to expect. I showed up with an undercurrent of anxiety that it wouldn’t “work” for me; or that too much would be expected of me and I wouldn’t be able to perform somehow; or that the cards would suggest I was a terrible person and my whole life would need to be thrown out of the window. But - I should never have worried. Kira created one of the nicest, most thoughtful, relaxed, fun, and genuine experiences I can imagine having. It was actually more like having therapy or life coaching, but with some magic thrown in - and Kira is brilliant at bringing out the threads of the cards and your conversations, weaving them together, and highlighting the things you often overlook. I would recommend this for anyone - especially the snake-brained, anxious among us. It was refreshing, calming, and provided an evening of clarity that (in the heart of the pandemic) I appreciated immensely.


I had a tarot reading from Kira recently and the experience will stay with me forever. I came away from it feeling emotional and hopeful and it gave me a whole new perspective on my life. Kira has the ability to connect with your energy and make you feel comfortable and calm. She also shares incredibly practical advice and gives guidance on moon journaling, self love, wellbeing and all things magical. I really couldn't recommend her more!


It was my first ever time this week being a part of a Full Moon Circle and I can honestly say, the session with Kira and the group has literally changed everything for me. The session was so inclusive, informative, it was such a safe space and really a beautiful haven - especially during Covid! If you’re thinking about it but not really sure about taking the leap, I really encourage you to find that courage and make that step with Kira. She is wonderful at what she does. I can’t wait for the next session, thanks so much Kira!! Xx

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