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Let's get through winter together!


We've had a few sessions so far and thanks to all who joined, we've had beautiful and diverse events connecting with other like-minded souls to keep each other sane through winter!

Every session, alongside each guest and all the crafty and educational information, we also hold space to check in with one another. We will be discussing a topic where we encourage you to take notes and share your feelings and experiences if you feel drawn to. This is a safe space for all kinds of people, and we welcome you with open arms.

Every session is on zoom, on alternate Sundays 7-9pm, £10.

Limited to 10 people.

I encourage wine, hot chocolate, blankets, pets and crumbs in the bed during session.

More info on sessions below.

25/10 (free session)

Session 1 - Samhain. Discussing Halloween, Autumn natural decor and seasonal culinary delights and traditions with myself and guest, India.



Session 2 - Zen. With my guest Rob, using koans for zen meditation, reflection, self-discovery and open sharing, discussing the death of autumn as we head towards winter.


Session 3 - Crafts! Thinking about christmas looming over us and using our non-socialising time through lockdown to plan and create. Discussing eco-conscious and sustainable gifts and recyclable wrapping


Session 4 - Movement. This session is all about coming back to our bodies, waking up through movement to bring some energy to this slow season.


Session 5 - Solstice. This is a special Winter Solstice edition of Sunday Sessions! Join us to find out about this time of year and what it means all over the world, celebrate, meditate and discover more about connecting with nature in winter.


Session 6 - New year! This session isn't about resolutions but instead, reflection. Collectively we will reflect over one of the hardest years of many people's lives, taking the positives and releasing the negatives.


Session 7 - Poetry. Daisy talks about poetry for self discovery, meditation and journaling, We will all have space to create a poem, which you can share if you feel comfortable!


Session 8 - Imbolc. What does it mean to connect with the special and specific seasons that England and it's surrounding countries experience each year? We must not forget that we are also nature, and the more we relate to it the more we can feel into its energies and connect back in to ourselves.


Session 9 - Self love. Here at moon and mind we love old traditions and boycotting commercial ones! This valentines day is all about self love and self massage, as well as discussing where valentines day originates from.


Session 10 - Full moon. This session I will hold a full moon ceremony and discuss how to work with the moon phases to better your well-being.


Session 11 - Spring! The last session! We will be stepping away from winter with a spring in our step, forward planning and celebrating like a new year!


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